We heard you, and we listened…Now available Growler 2.0

What’s 32 pounds and perfect for homebrewing? The Growler! We are excited to launch the new CBW LME Growler 2.0 to our homebrew distributors and homebrew retailers. We went back to our notes and reviewed the success and failures of our original growler and determined it was time for a change. This change led us into a transition of a “Mini-Pail.” Unfortunately, the “Mini-Pail” fell short in a couple key areas and so we went back to the drawing board in search of a new homebrew friendly package.

There are a lot of variables that determine the right container for our CBW, we conducted trials on an array of shapes and sizes; ultimately, we landed on a style we were familiar with. The liquid extract is filled hot at 110 degrees directly into the container, it is capped with a temper-evident seal and stored in a double-walled box suitable for pallet shipping and single unit shipping.

Click here to view the 2-page Growler Sell Sheet.

The ease of use at the homebrewer level is vital for this package and we feel that our new Growler 2.0 will do exactly that. Our double-walled box will be very suitable for transportation from our extract plant all the way to your home. Easy access handles on the outside of the box, provide the stability to carry with ease to your homebrew kettle. The tamper evident seal will detect tampering and access points. After removal, temper-evident seal will self-destruct to indicate seal has been broken. Storage is critical to prevent mold, so freezing can always be your best friend in between brews.

We welcome your thoughts as our new growler hits a store shelf near you and look forward to hearing about your successful homebrew. You can always contact us at info@BrewingWithBriess.com.

Happy homebrewing!



About Ryan Wessley

Ryan WessleyRyan has 12 years of beer industry and wholesale distribution experience acquired during his positions with Leinenkugel’s Brewing Company, Miller Coors, and Anheuser Busch. He previously oversaw the import, craft, and specialty (non-domestic) beer divisions and enhanced portfolios. In addition, he worked with territorial sales representatives to expand their knowledge of product placement, brand optimization, and brewery relations. Ryan is very passionate about the brewing industry and offers a genuine approach to building customer relationships. With expertise in point-of-sale and distribution marketing, Ryan enjoys collaborating with the Briess team to develop outstanding wholesaler experiences, while identifying key opportunities for the homebrew and distributor industries. Be sure to take a look at one of his homebrew recipes in our monthly blog!

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