2019 Barley Growers Appreciation Dinner!

At the Buffalo Bill Dam next to the dam ball plug. L-R Shoshone District Water Manager Trent Reed, East Coast Briess DM Mike Killilea, Country Boy Brewing Nathan Coopage, Maine Beer Company Dan Kleban and Midwest Briess DM Penny Pickart

On Thursday November 7th Briess again hosted all 300 … [More]

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What’s in the Box?

Are you looking for a very straight forward 5 gallon Hefeweizen, that brews with hints of citrus, banana and clove? Well, one of our regional distributors  Craft-A-Brew (www.craftabrew.com) … [More]

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What’s in Your Bin?

Bins are pretty simple pieces of equipment, just vertical walls for containing the grain with no moving parts. How do they operate? New malt goes in the top and the old malt comes out the bottom — pretty simple, right? Actually, that turns out not to be the case most of the time. Over the … [More]

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2019 Great American Beer Festival!

The GABF crowd. How many pretzel necklaces do you count in this photo? Photo © Brewers Association

Another GABF in the books from Mile High city of Denver, CO, — as you can… [More]

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More Adventures with Blonde RoastOat™ Malt

A couple of months ago as we were getting ready for HomebrewCon, I had the chance to brew with a few of my friends in New England using our new More]

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