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Highland Brewing Company 25th Anniversary Collaboration

Every now and then, I get the opportunity to collaborate with a brewery on a new beer.  I had that opportunity last month with my good friends at Highland Brewing … [More]

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White Chocolate Raspberry White Stout…for Real?

What goes through a homebrewer’s mind sometimes you might ask? Well, occasionally a recipe that is very unique and you aren’t quite sure which way the beer will turn out. Needless to say, this experiment had better than expected results. Highlighting Briess Flaked Oats, White Wheat and CBW® … [More]

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Delight your Valentine with Chocolate Malt Treats

Does your sweetheart have a soft spot for a decadently delicious Chocolate Stout? Then surprise your sweetie this Valentine’s Day with these sweet Chocolate Malt treats.

Made with Briess Chocolate Malt—a favorite malt for Chocolate Stout beers—our Briess Chocolate Malt Cakes … [More]

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