Get your Fermentis Distilling Yeast through Briess!

Briess is excited to now be carrying Fermentis’ line of Distillers Dry Yeast to better serve the craft distilling industry and make it easier to get the ingredients to produce great spirits. It was a natural progression when thinking about what else we can offer to our craft distillers and the world class SafSpirit yeast strains are tailored for particular spirits but are versatile enough to allow for creative experimentation if a different flavor is desired. Fermentis, created in 2003, is the leading dry yeast manufacturer and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of fermentation for beer, wine and spirits. Since 2003, Fermentis has been developing and marketing specific yeast products, offering both technical and economical advantages to distillers. You can learn more on Fermentis here:

SafSpirit Dry Yeast is packaged in 500 g bricks. Dosage rates vary slightly, but are around 1.9 g/gallon – a 500 g brick treats approximately 260 gallons of wash.  Here are the strains we currently have available:

  • SafSpirit USW-6 (item #7388), is the former Red Star Whiskey Yeast, and as you can guess, is best suited for bourbon or American-style whiskeys.
  • SafSpirit M-1 (item #7389), formerly SafWhiskey, is one of the most famous strains for producing Scotch Style or Single Malt Whiskeys
  • SafSpirit GR-2 (item #7390), produces a very clean neutral alcohol, so is great for vodka, especially grain-based. This strain ferments at high temperatures so it is great for facilities with little or no temperature controls.
  • SafSpirit C-70 (item#7392), is a multipurpose strain, but found popularity in the Caribbean and Central Americas to produce Rums, tequilas and Mezcals.
  • SafSpirit FD-3 (item #7391), is tailor-made for fruit fermentations and is the go to for brandies.
  • SafSpirit HG-1 (Item# 7393), is used for very high gravity fermentations and is very alcohol tolerant. Excellent for maximizing yield and producing very neutral alcohol profiles.

Bricks can be purchased individually or by the case (20 bricks per case). Contact your Divisional Manager or Customer Service at 1-800-657-0806 for assistance in ordering.

About Michael Scanzello

Michael ScanzelloAfter graduating from Kutztown University in 1995, Mike began his career at Stroh’s Brewing Co. in Allentown, PA. Over the next 6 years Mike would hold several positions in both the QA and Brewing Departments. In 2001, after the brewery in Pennsylvania closed, Mike moved to Wisconsin, accepting a position with Cargill at its Jefferson Junction Malthouse. In 2007, Mike transitioned from operations management to the commercial side of Cargill’s malt business, becoming an Account Executive with its Specialty Malt Products Group. In July of 2015, Mike brought his talents to Briess and joined as the National Distillery Manager. In February of 2016, Mike was promoted to Director of Brewing and Distilling.

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