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“All My Eyasses”

They’re back!! We’ll actually, they’ve been back, Bartell (Band (b/blu) 41/A, confirmed by Peregrine Falcon Expert, Greg Septon) is the same male from 2017, who evicted the long-standing resident male, Patriot ((b/g) E/36), last year. Bartell’s mate last year was Valcor (Band (b/g) … [More]

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Fully fledged and ready for takeoff

If you take a peek at the Briess Manitowoc Falcon Webcam, you will likely find one of two sights: an empty perch overlooking Lake Michigan or mom (“Valcor” (b/g) N/22) or dad (“Bartell” (b/blu) 41/A) taking a break after a long 3-months of nurturing their young eyasses. At this point, … [More]

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Banding of the Falcons

On Tuesday, June 6th our 2017 Peregrine Falcon eyases were banded. In honor of the 2017 Briess Retirees, the four eyases have been named:

Schwarz – after Jim Schwarz from the Chilton Malthouse (Retired May 2017 after 45 years of service)

Band … [More]

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Happy belated Mother’s Day to Valcor, as the first egg hatches

Click below to watch the LIVE Feed from the falcon nest box atop the Briess Manitowoc Grain Elevator.


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And then there were four

On Saturday, April 15, “Valcor” (b/g) N/22 laid her fourth egg. This will probably be the last egg laid this year, making the estimated hatch dates May 17-19, 2017. Peregrine falcons typically lay 3 or 4 eggs each season. Slightly smaller than a chicken egg, the eggs are speckled with dark to… [More]

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