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The first egg has been laid

On Sunday, April 9, “Valcor” (b/g) N/22 laid her first egg. This is Valcor’s second year at the Manitowoc nest site. Her new mate appears to be “Bartell” (b/blu) 41/A, produced in 2015 at the MG&E nest site in Madison, WI. Last week, there was a territorial battle with who, we believe,… [More]

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Spring and falcons are in the air

Throughout the United States, winter has been all over the board. We have experienced a warmer than average season in the Midwest and abundant amounts of snowfall in the western and northeastern states. While winter may not be able to make up her mind, Peregrine Falcons have decided it’s time to… [More]

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Summer has come and gone, but Valcor and Patriot remain

We last left our falcon update in June. The young eyasses had been named, banded and growing by the day. At times the young appeared larger than their parents, but this was only because of their downy plumage. Soon they began bouncing around and becoming restless, eager to take their first leap … [More]

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The Banding of the Briess Falcons


On Tuesday, June 7th Greg Septon banded the four eyasses at the Briess Manitowoc, WI, Nest Site.  Peregrine falcons are banded to provide researchers with valuable data on peregrine survival rates, dispersal distances and population growth rates.

The … [More]

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Winners of the 2016 Briess Peregrine Falcons Naming Contest

Tuesday, June 7th the banding of the 2016 Briess Peregrine Falcon Eyasses took place.  A local group of about a dozen Birder’s Brunch Bunch members from Green Bay and the surrounding areas joined Greg Septon to watch him band the eyasses.

After several weeks of name submissions and … [More]

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