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Briess commissions third, and largest, malthouse

January 5 marked a historic day for Briess. That’s when we officially commissioned our third and largest malthouse, ceremoniously flipping the “on” switch and sending 432,000 pounds of cleaned and graded barley to steeping for its first batch. Not only does this 65,000-metric-tonne … [More]

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New vets memorial greets visitors to Chilton

The location for a memorial to area veterans dedicated last weekend here in Chilton, WI, couldn’t be better. It’s in a park at the intersection of Highways 151 and 57 on the west side of town (on the same side of town as Briess). It’s tough to come to Chilton and not drive past it. Which means … [More]

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Chilton Beer Fest gets another year older

One of Wisconsin’s oldest beer festivals was held this past Sunday, and it just happens to be here in Chilton, WI, home to Briess. Congrats to the organizers—Rowland’s Calumet Brewing Company owner Bonita … [More]

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Part III: The wonderful world of germination

It’s been awhile since the first two blogs about The Briess Malthouses, so here’s a refresher before looking at germination, the next step of the malting process.

Briess operates two very unique malthouses dedicated to producing specialty malts. We refer to them by the … [More]

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Part II: Seventy-five steps to steeping

Welcome to the second in a series on The Briess Malthouses, which we refer to by location—the Chilton Malthouse and Waterloo Malthouse. Part I offered a short history about the Chilton Malthouse. If you missed it, check it out More]

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