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10 things you might not know about Briess

As if being in the malting and craft beer business weren’t exciting enough, five years ago the Briess family made a major move to become a Seed to Specialty business, to take complete control of its barley supply chain and … [More]

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Faces Behind Briess – Connie Krebsbach

If you are a brewing customer on the east coast, there is a good chance you have spoken to Connie Krebsbach over the phone. Connie is a Customer Service Rep who covers all the states east of the Mississippi with the exception of Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. When Connie joined Briess in … [More]

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Congratulations Vince and Ken

I am pleased to announce the following promotions for two of our team members, Ken Foether and Vince Coonce.

Ken Foether has been promoted to Plant Manager of the Chilton Malthouse.

Vince Coonce has been promoted to R&D Manager/Malting.

Congratulations to Ken and Vince! Thank you … [More]

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And the winners are . . .

Over the last few years we have invited barley growers throughout Wyoming and Montana to take photographs of the barley growing lifestyle. After the images have been submitted, we select images to include in our annual wall calendar which is presented to the growers at the Briess Barley … [More]

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Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better 2015 Malt + Brew Workshop

Earlier this month, Briess was host to more than 40 brewers from 21 Breweries from across the country to attend a two-day Malt+Brew Workshop. Brewers came from as far West as More]

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