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The benefits of brewing with Briess brewer’s grade CBW® Pure Malt Extracts

CBW® stands for Concentrated Brewers Wort, which is exactly what these brewer’s grade, pure malt extracts are — concentrates of brewers wort.

Briess CBW® Pure Malt Extracts are produced in a 500-barrel, … [More]

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Frostbite White IPA

A winter seasonal style that emerged from IPA, the most popular craft beer style in the US. It uses a combination that takes the grain bill of Belgian Witbier, but utilizes American hops. The wheat base stands up well against the citrus … [More]

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Celebrate with a ‘Touch o’ Malt Irish Coffee’

While Irish Coffee is a year ’round favorite for many, it takes on special significance every March 17. This year, how about giving your Irish Coffee a brewer’s touch by sweetening with malt extract rather than granulated or powdered sugar?

… [More]

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Recipe of the Week: Easy Peasy IPA

If you’re in the mood for an easy brew session, this recipe’s for you. Built on a malty base of one of my favorite extracts, CBW® Sparkling Amber, This IPA focuses on big flavor and drinkability. Better yet, it’s a cinch to brew. Did you know CBW… [More]

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Recipe of the Week: Oktoberfestival Beer

Even if you’ve already brewed an Oktoberfest beer this year, this recipe calls for another batch of this great German lager yet this  year. And it gives you a reason to try our CBW® Munich malt extract, if you haven’t used it yet. Looking for a printer-friendly version of this recipe? It’s … [More]

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