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Single Variety Malt: What’s the buzz all about?

Choosing barley varieties for malting is no simple task. In fact, each kind of malt at Briess uses a specific variety of barley that is optimal for that style of malt. This is because barley varieties behave differently in each step of the malting process. Additionally, certain varieties may have… [More]

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Barley harvest, jr livestock sale go hand-in-hand

For Briess barley growers and the Ralston Elevator staff alike, the end of July is super hectic. It’s smack dab in the middle of barley harvest, and trucks are literally lined up from dawn to dusk dumping loads of freshly harvested Copeland, Conrad and other barley varieties at the elevator.

… [More]

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Mastering the Art of Handcrafting, Naturally

“Each malthouse is unique in its own way” Malting and Operations Manager of the Briess Waterloo Malthouse, Ron Mihalko begins. “You have to understand … [More]

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