Cheers to American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week® is May 15 to May 21 and is a nationwide celebration dedicated to Craft Brewers. There are numerous events across the country all week long celebrating the people, places and … [More]

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Hot Steep demos, bicycle showdowns and winners from 2017 CBC

2017 proved to be another great year at the Craft Brewers Conference. Each year, this event gets bigger and bigger with more vendors, more seminars, more attendees and more after parties. There was plenty of traffic at the Briess Booth, with a lot of folks stopping by for the daily Hot Steep … [More]

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Exploring flavor development in barley varieties

It’s a very exciting time for malt in the brewing industry. There is growing interest and increased research on malt. This year alone, the Brewers Association (BA) is donating $328K in grants to 12 barley and malt programs across 10 states, including North Carolina, Nebraska, Vermont and … [More]

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Briess employee field trip to Central Waters

On Thursday, April 20, we loaded up a bus of 30 Briess employees and headed to Central Waters Brewing Company in Amherst, WI, for the premiere showing of Wisconsin Foodie’s episode of Briess and Central Waters. … [More]

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And then there were four

On Saturday, April 15, “Valcor” (b/g) N/22 laid her fourth egg. This will probably be the last egg laid this year, making the estimated hatch dates May 17-19, 2017. Peregrine falcons typically lay 3 or 4 eggs each season. Slightly smaller than a chicken egg, the eggs are speckled with dark to… [More]

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