Malting just for Central Waters ‘Shine On’ beer

Anello, Matt and Shane check out the barley as it germinates.

How does one of Wisconsin’s greenest breweries celebrate Earth Day? By having its own organically grown Wisconsin barley toll malted for a batch of Shine On, of course. Central Waters Brewing Co. owners Anello Mollica and Paul Graham are committed to making their brewery one of the most environmentally sustainable breweries in the nation. So they have organic barley grown within miles of the brewery and malted at our malthouse, about 1-1/2 hours away, for Shine On. Shine On is a red ale made to commemorate the brewery’s solar hot water system and its partnership with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA). A proceed of all sales will go to the MREA to help fund renewable energy and sustainability.

Check out their story here. Andf you ever get the opp to stop at their very green brewery during beer tastings on a Friday or Saturday, I recommend it.

This is what 50,000 pounds of germinating barley looks like in the compartment.

Last week Anello, Matt and Shane from Central Waters visited Briess to see the barley first hand during the malting process. It had actually started several days before, in the steep tanks, and was in the germination compartment when they arrived. By now it’s been kiln dried into base malt for their very green Shine On beer, a favorite among customers in their market.PMP_CWaters4PMP_CWaters5

We’re honored to malt this special barley for Central Waters, and to have a close relationship with them. Briess has also undertaken an aggressive sustainability initiative and just last year joined Central Waters in the State of Wisconsin’ Green Tier program. Now we’re looking forward to enjoying a pint and getting our Shine On!

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Penny PickartPenny is a trusted and highly-sought advisor to the brewing industry. Her passion for the brew industry and continued education through Siebel Institute of Technology as well as MBAA courses have helped her develop expertise in malt and beer sensory over her 20 years of experience. Penny is always willing to jump in with both feet with brewers to troubleshoot brewhouse performance issues and her customers seek her out due to her malt characteristic expertise to assist in recipe formulation. Further, that expertise has led her to be a judge at competitions nationwide including GABF and World Beer Cup.

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