Introducing the first Briess single-malt extracts

CBW® Goldpils® Vienna LME and CBW® Pale Ale LME are offered in 3.3 lb canisters, pails and bulk. Both are 6º L at 8º Plato. CBW® Pale Ale is also offered in DME.

Looking for a new malt extract for your next brew? Here ya go! Briess is adding two new CBW® malt extracts to its product portfolio…each produced from a single malt:

These single-malt extracts make converting from extract to all grain, or vice versa, easier. And it gives the creative brewer total liberty and control. Granted, CBW® Pilsen Light malt extract and CBW® Golden Light Malt extract are close behind this pair. At 99% Briess Pilsen Malt and Briess Brewers Malt, respectively, and 1% Briess Carapils® Malt, these malt extracts can’t qualify for the “single malt” category.

The Briess 500bbl brewhouse is a favorite stop on tours during the annual Malt & Brew Workshop. It’s where all CBW® pure malt extracts are brewed.

DYK that CBW®…

  • stands for Concentrated Brewers Wort?
  • malt extracts are brewed on a 500-bbl state-of-the-art brewhouse, the second largest in Wisconsin?
  • malt extracts are gently vacuum evaporated to maintain their rich, full flavor and lessen color development?
  • are produced using a multiple step infusion brewing process for high fermentability?
  • are unhopped and nondiastatic for creative creative control?
  • are now available in 11 styles?

CBW® Goldpils® Vienna malt extract characteristics

CBW® Goldpils® Vienna is a go-to for traditional German lagers, or any beer needing a malty structure.

Its namesake ingredient — Goldpils® Vienna Malt — is a killer example of this classic malt style. As you would expect and demand, it’s malty. We’ve added depth by developing a hint of biscuit flavor in it. It finishes exceptionally clean, and contributes light golden hues.  When formulating with either the whole kernel malt or malt extract, keep in mind that it is less sweet than Pale Ale Malt, and contributes less color than Munich Malt. Goldpils® Vienna Malt is produced from Briess barley grown  in the WY-MT Big Horn barley growing region. Marked by flood irrigation and an arid climate (which results in bright and plump kernels), barley produced in this region is among the highest quality in North America. Check out Penny’s recent blog for some nice pix and information about the region.

CBW® Pale Ale malt extract characteristics

Cool beer mugs over wooden table.

CBW® Pale Ale offers rich malt flavor with a hint of biscuit and nuts.

Briess Pale Ale Malt deserves a nod here, because it’s a tad different than other Pale Ales offered in North America…in a good way. Briess maltsters designed this Pale Ale Malt to be a fully modified, high extract, low protein malt — not just a darker Brewers Malt. This required developing a proprietary malting recipe that involves careful monitoring of the kiln drying cycle and specialized temperature rests. The result? A base malt with rich malt flavors and hints of biscuit and nuts.

Homebrew retailers and licensed breweries can purchase Briess CBW® malt extracts and whole kernel malts from an authorized distributor. Licensed breweries can also purchase Briess products directly from Briess.

Happy brewing!

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