Freshly Brewed — Learn to Homebrew Day is 11/3

Homebrewers and homebrew retailers, earmark your calendars for Saturday, November 3, as we join the celebration of the 20th annual Learn to Homebrew Day tradition established by the American Homebrewers Association. On this day, thousands of homebrewers get together to brew, and to teach others how to brew. Looking for a schedule of events in your area? Check out the American Homebrewers Association webpage to find local events.

The American Homebrewers Association provides many resources dedicated to our craft. The above link also allows you to attain information relating to homebrewing tutorials, homebrewing supplies, home brew periodicals and homebrewing steps.

What will be in your homebrew kettle? Might you be experimenting with our newest malt, Dark Munich Malt 30L?  Perhaps a unique malt from Briess like Carabrown? Or how about brewing a big, bold lager to ferment into the cooler months on the calendar. However you get there, we appreciate to ride shotgun along the way.

At Briess we work for beer. From our growers to our maltsters, we’re as passionate about craft and homebrew beer as you are. So next time you fire up the kettle, brew with our handcrafted specialty malts and taste the passion for yourself.

Homebrew retailers, are you aware of our new e-commerce portal Better Brewing?

Better Brewing strives to provide you with the finest brewing ingredients available, to make the highest quality beer possible. Our goal is to allow homebrew retailer stores nationally the opportunity to purchase our products direct via this website, By making Briess whole kernel, milled, dry extract and liquid extract products available direct, we offer homebrewers the freshest product possible.

Are you a homebrew shop retailer?  Are you looking to source ingredients direct? Create an account to learn more and be provided pricing and availability. We’ll happily assist you with your homebrewing ingredient needs. Feel free to reach us at

In closing, do you know we also now offer 10 exclusive Briess partial-mash home brew kits? If not, please ask your homebrew retailer and they can purchase them direct through Better Brewing.

Thank you and Cheers!

About Ryan Wessley

Ryan WessleyRyan has 12 years of beer industry and wholesale distribution experience acquired during his positions with Leinenkugel’s Brewing Company, Miller Coors, and Anheuser Busch. He previously oversaw the import, craft, and specialty (non-domestic) beer divisions and enhanced portfolios. In addition, he worked with territorial sales representatives to expand their knowledge of product placement, brand optimization, and brewery relations. Ryan is very passionate about the brewing industry and offers a genuine approach to building customer relationships. With expertise in point-of-sale and distribution marketing, Ryan enjoys collaborating with the Briess team to develop outstanding wholesaler experiences, while identifying key opportunities for the homebrew and distributor industries. Be sure to take a look at one of his homebrew recipes in our monthly blog!

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