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Naturally Grown for American Craft Beer

American malt for American craft beer and food
Producing fine American malt for American craft beer and premium foods means starting with the best raw material. That’s why sourcing and managing a consistent supply of high-quality U.S. barley is a top priority … [More]

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Barley harvest has come and is almost gone

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Barley Collaboration with a Ye Olde Sponge Bawcock

Back in May, Ryan Schabach, referred to as the “Ye Olde Sponge Bawcock,” from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee reached out to us for a project he was working on. After receiving our “Grow Your Own Barley” packet in the mail, Ryan reached out to Briess to see if we would collaborate with him on a … [More]

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Meet the growers behind the ads

If you flip to page 62 in the latest issue of The New Brewer, you may notice a new and refreshing look to Briess. We felt like it was time to dive deeper and introduce you to the people behind the malt. Briess works with a network of over 300 barley growers located in America’s premium barley… [More]

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Grower Spotlight: Brenton Paxton

Brenton Paxton is a member of the Briess Grower Advisory Committee which is comprised of grower representatives from Wyoming and Montana, as well as Briess representatives.
My wife, Justine, and I started farming in 2007 when we purchased our 40 acre farm located on Orchard Bench Road in … [More]

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