Calling all Photographers: 2018 Growers to Brewers Photo Contest


Wanted: Pictures for the 2018 Briess
Growers to Brewers Calendar

Each year we host an annual photography contest asking photographers to share their images of life in a barley growing community. This year we are expanding the scope of the contest, asking photographers to submit their visually stunning depictions of our theme “Growers to Brewers.” Whether you are a grower or a brewer, we would like to see how you ‘picture’ seeds to suds.

Are you a barley grower? Submit your images of spring planting, working the fields, harvest, life on the farm, or simply enjoying your hard work with a good ol’ fashion craft beer. Are you a brewer who loves to use Briess ingredients? Show us how you use Briess in your everyday operations. Get creative and have fun.

Photo Submission Deadline

Friday, September 22, 2017


Your image could be selected for use in the 2018 Briess Growers to Brewers Calendar. This calendar will be shared as a gift to our barley growers at our annual Briess Barley Grower Appreciation Dinner in Powell, WY, which we host every November. The calendar is also shared with many Briess customers during the holiday season. We will print over 1,000 calendars and your image(s) will be shared with growers and brewers across the country.


12 images will be selected and included in the 2018 Briess Growers to Brewers Calendar. The winning photographers will earn bragging rights, a bag of Briess malted milk balls and a VISA gift certificate.


Interested? Here’s how to enter:

  • For Barley Growers: Entries should capture the beauty of, and everyday life in, the Wyoming and Montana barley growing region. Preparing for the harvest, planting, irrigation, fields and harvest make great shots. Get creative and don’t forget to take photos from interesting angles and locations.
  • For Briess Brewers: Entries should capture the use of Briess throughout the brewhouse and brewing process. Images can be anything from Briess bags on a pallet in the warehouse, pouring the malt from a Briess Bag into a mill, performing sensory on malt, mashing in, brewery employees with malt, to sampling the finished product. Images should attempt to include the use of Briess branding in some way – subtlety is ok. Competitor brands should not be prominent and when possible not visible at all. Get creative and don’t forget to take photos from interesting angles and locations.
  • Files need to be High Resolution (300dpi) or 5-7 megapixels for quality reproduction. Acceptable formats include JPG, TIF or PNG.
  • Submit files to: by 9/22/17. If images are larger than 10mb, please reach out to Mercedes to coordinate a Dropbox file share.

Selected photos will be attributed to the photographer’s name and location. The photographer will need to sign a release form, identifiable people in the images will need to sign a model release, and the photographer will be compensated with bragging rights, a bag of Briess malted milk balls and a VISA gift certificate.

Happy shooting!

Questions? Call Mercedes at 920.849.7711.

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