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9-5 grind

Milling grain is an often-overlooked aspect of brewing and distilling. The goal of milling is to ensure that all the starch stored in the kernel is readily accessible to enzymes for conversion to sugar during the mashing process.

To some that means grinding the grain into a flour and … [More]

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Malting and brewing naked…oats.

Disclaimer: All malting and brewing were performed in full clothing.

Over a year ago, I began working on a sprouting project for a customer using naked oats. While working with this ingredient, I thought it would be a great opportunity to evaluate its performance as a brewing material. … [More]

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Specialty Malt Acidity

This year for HOMEBREW CON 2016, I submitted a poster on the Specialty Malt Acidity, which will be presented Friday, June 10: 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm at the Social Club of the Homebrew Expo.

Homebrewers sometimes overlook acidity, but it is a factor that can make the difference in a … [More]

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Mowing The Monastery Belgian Single

Referred to as an Enkel (“single” in Dutch,) or Patersbier (“father’s beer”,) the Belgian single is the “lawnmower” beer of the Belgian monks.  This sessionable style does not get in the way of one’s daily endeavors like … [More]

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A Community of Brewers with Engaging Conversations at the MBAA

I joined Briess in October of 2013 as a Technical Service Associate. Prior to Briess, I worked at the USDA in their Cereal Crops Research Unit as a Lab Technician in the Barley Malt Quality Lab in Madison, WI. During this time, I … [More]

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