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Holy Chit! Who Shot My Malt?!

Have you ever looked closely at a kernel of malt? I mean really closely? Depending on the variety of barley the malt was sourced from, you might have observed a teeny tiny hole on the side of some of the kernels – as if they were shot by a Leprechaun wielding the world’s smallest gun!

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Malt Sensory Methods You Can Perform in Your Own Home or Brewery

Our December blog, “Training Your Malt Senses,” generated many requests from brewers and homebrewers to explain how we prepare wort for malt sensory analysis. In this blog, we will discuss several malt sensory methods, their … [More]

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Training Your Malt Senses

Malt flavors and aromas can widely range from nutty, biscuit, bready notes, to caramel, toffee like flavors, to rich, roasted dark chocolate characteristics to even sweet, smoky barbeque aromas and flavors. While each malt has its own unique flavor, many malts will fall under similar flavor … [More]

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Taking Sensory to the Next Level

I joined Briess in June of 2014 as a Technical Services Associate to work with a team of knowledgeable and creative experts. Prior to Briess, I was a Chemist at MillerCoors providing support … [More]

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